Productive system and calendar

Productive System

Responsible and Sustainable Cultivation. At Frutas El Pinar, we pamper our berries. We consider every single detail, from their placement in tunnels and raised beds to the technified irrigation system and fertigation.

It is fundamental to optimise water usage and the precise application of products that promote the nourishment and health of plants and fruits.

We carefully hand-pick ripe, one by one, to prevent any harm and under the strictest security norms. We pack them right in the field to avoid unnecessary manipulation before undergoing quality controls.

All the processes are registered and monitored under a traceability system. All agricultural procedures and practices are carried out under the GlobalGap standard, the strictest standards that ensure the production of an excellent product: wholesome, healthy, nutritious, and delicious.

Production / Harvest Calendar

Frutas El Pinar produces delicious wholesome fruit, available throughout the year.